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The Real Honey

Sadly, Honey has now gone to the Rainbow Bridge, after a full and happy life. She will be greatly missed – but will live on forever in the books inspired by her.

The real Honey

Hello – my name is Honey. Yes, that’s really my name. See, I’m the doggie who inspired the Big Honey Dog Mysteries, written by my human, H.Y. Hanna.

I’m a fawn Great Dane and I’m a very big girl. I weigh about 70kg (150lbs) – much more than my human, who didn’t seem to grow very well and has ended up quite short and small. 

Everybody who meets me always thinks that I’m a boy doggie and calls me things like “big fella!” but I don’t mind too much. I don’t like it when they call me a “horse” though or say stuff like: “you should put a saddle on that thing!”. I don’t think those jokes are very funny. Humph.

I was born in New Zealand so I’m a Kiwi doggie – and I lived there for a long time, before I moved with my family to live in Australia.

I’ve been a busy girl all my life – back in NZ, I was a Therapy Dog, visiting people in rehab centres and rest homes, and I also dabbled in many different dogsports such as Obedience, Agility, Rally-O and my favourite, Canine Freestyle, a.k.a. “doggie dancing”!

I’m 10 years old now, which is pretty old for a Great Dane (that’s like over 90 years old in human years) – so I’m enjoying my retirement and taking it easy.

I also lost an eye to canine glaucoma last year, so I’m blind on one side now and you might notice in recent photos that I only have one eye. But don’t worry – that hasn’t stopped me from having fun!

H.Y. Hanna and Honey reviewing drafts.

I’ve been helping lots with the writing and revisions and editing of the Big Honey Dog Mysteries… especially with the detailed research on “serious slobber”.  I’m a bit grumpy, though, because my human didn’t give me a superpower in the story. Even though I asked lots of times.

Well, she explained that the ‘Honey’ in the story isn’t really me – just inspired by me – and the story is a mystery adventure, so the best power to have is a smart brain. (I still think she could have given me a superpower though. Humph.)

But anyway, check out the books in the Big Honey Dog Mysteries – they’re fun, exciting, stories with lots of action and laughs! I’m sure you’ll love them! 

Slobbers, Honey the Great Dane

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